LEGOLAND Malaysia: Fun for the Whole Family!

There are few places that can claim to be fun for the entire family. Fun for the kids? Probably. But fun for their parents too? Not always likely. LEGOLAND Malaysia however, was a place that we all enjoyed. And thanks to the park’s invitation, we were able to spend two full days playing at the theme park. And it still wasn’t enough!

But what was possibly the best thing about the park was that it was located a mere 5 minutes from LEGOLAND Hotel, which we loved tremendously – read more about our stay here.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (13)

In case you were wondering, it’s LEGO, LEGO and more LEGO everywhere! It’s a LEGO lover’s dream come true! But even if you’re impartial to LEGO, it’s still a really fun theme park. It’s 31-hectres big, which to us, is not too big and not too small. We could pretty much manage to do everything within a day at a leisurely pace.

This was our third family trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia, and I think that it was our favourite one. At the time of visit, our kids were 7 and 3.5 respectively, so they were able to fully appreciate the entire park.

There are 7 lands in LEGOLAND, and while some are catered to older children and young at heart adults, some were specifically built to create big adventures for the smaller ones.

Big kids will love…

The Dragon and Dragon’s Apprentice

Lots of action on the Dragon (the bigger roller coaster that exits through a castle!), as well as the Dragon’s Apprentice, a smaller ride but still packs quite a punch. If you’re nervous, start with the latter.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (14)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (15)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (16)

LEGO City Driving School

Kids will attend a short briefing on the proper rules of the road, and then they’re off! They’re given a fixed time to drive around on their own, and at the end of the session, you can also buy a personalised driving license.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (2)


Aqua Zone Wave Racers

This was something that I enjoyed quite a bit. It seems simple enough but there’s a bit of thrill in there because you wonder if pure physics is good enough to ensure your little contraption doesn’t fly off! This is a high speed ride and the puke factor is high if you’re not the kind who likes to go round and round.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (10)

Project X

According to my 7-year old, the drop was fun but the getting to it was “really long and draggy”. Still, it didn’t stop her from going on this about 5 times on her own.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (31)

Merlin’s Challenge

Merlin’s Challenge ranks very high on the puke scale. It starts of slow and then really speeds up, drawing squeals from kids, and possibly undigested lunch bits from parents. It is an extremely high speed ride.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (17)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (21)

Technic Twister

Essentially, this is every theme park’s “spinning tea cup”. It’s relatively high speed and you’ll probably get off feeling just a tad bit dizzy.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (32)

Build and Test

Build your own little cars and race them? Test out if your building can withstand an earthquake? Oh, the big kids will have a blast here! (Tip: it’s a great indoor activity for when it gets too hot or rainy)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (64)



Wait, did I say big kids will love? I meant big kids’ dads. Apart from the life-sized LEGO Darth Vader, C3PO and R2D2 at the entrance, as well as the little video snippet at the start, I suspect the little ones may simply race through the exhibit. To be honest, I appreciate that tons of work went into this exhibit, but I wasn’t too hot on it.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (7)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (8)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (1)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (4)

Small kids will be entertained with …

Junior Driving School

Similar to LEGO City Driving School, the Junior Driving School allows for younger kids to drive their cars on their own. However, this is where we will discover why they aren’t allowed on the “real roads” at LEGO City Driving School – many will require some help from the staff on hand, and despite that, some will continue bumping into curbs and be too busy waving to their parents and enjoying their freedom to watch out for zebra crossings.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (50)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (48)

LEGO City Airport

It’s a simple ride – climb into an airplane, and then fly round and round. There’s a lever that you can pull to bring your plane up and down that even 3 year olds can manage. But that’s basically it. The ride is over in a minute but it’s a whole lot of fun for the younger ones.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (55)

Royal Joust

Kids get strapped on giant DUPLO horses and go on a rail, experiencing Medieval LEGO Land. The horses gallop a little so the movement is fun for the little ones.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (18)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (19)

Beetle Bounce

Beetle Bounce doesn’t go very high, but the first time can be a little scary. For kids I mean. And some mothers. But after the first go, it’s quite addictive and you’ll find everyone screaming “Again! Again!”. It’s basically a ride where you’re lifted up and get dropped in spurts while being buckled safely in a row of seats.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (22)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (56)

The fringe activities at Build and Test

While older kids build and race their cars, younger ones can make buildings and test to see if they will withstand an earthquake. Laughter almost guaranteed. There are also big foam blocks they can play with and build HUGE buildings!

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (65)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (66)

Tiny tots won’t feel left out with…

DUPLO Play Town

Imagine all the DUPLO buildings you’ve seen, and now picture them life-sized. This is where tiny tots can hang out if they can’t go on any of the rides. Lots of stationary vehicles to ride on and buildings to climb in, flaps to open and shut, and even a little maze.

There’s also the DUPLO Express, a mini train that they can go on – they can be accompanied by big kids or their parents.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (60)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (61)


All the stuff they can climb in and out off, scattered around the park

All those times they’ve been told “Stop! Don’t climb on that!” will be forgotten at LEGOLAND. They won’t be able to help it; there’s just so much stuff for them to explore and climb!

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (43)

Families can enjoy….


Seeing the world without leaving LEGOLAND! Look out for the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Singapore’s river scene and many more icons of Asia.

There are lots of buttons to press in this area, each with a different surprise. Watch as you control ships, drive cars, make fountains squirt and start dance performances! A nice place to head to for a bit of quiet after going through some of the noisier parts. L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (9)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (24)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (26)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (27)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (28)

Lost Kingdom Adventure

We all enjoyed piling up into little cars and shooting at skeletons! Our 3.5 year old was a little apprehensive at first but thoroughly enjoyed it after. The kids probably just enjoy aiming their lasers at the targets, but I bet you all parents will end up making this a challenge.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (23)

Meeting the mascots

There’s a schedule that shows what time each mascot is scheduled to appear, but we simply waited to bump into them. This one showed up in the middle of our lunch at Market Place Restaurant!

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (46)

Rescue Academy

This was really fun for us all, but incredibly tiring! Each vehicle is powered by your biceps and by an up-down pumping movement, you ‘drive’ your vehicle to a building ‘on fire’. There, there’s more arm power where you’ll engage a fire hydrant and spray to put out the ‘fire’ before racing all the way back to the starting line! If you make it a race, and you probably will, it will be loads of fun. Your kids will be extremely happy, but your biceps will not.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (54)

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (53)

Boating School

This is a nice and slow ride and little ones are allowed on the boats too if they have life jackets on. Older kids will enjoy steering the boats, but parents can steer for the younger ones. Or you can let your little ones steer you into unknown areas.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (40)

As a child at heart, I loved the rides. As a parent, there were many things that I appreciated as well. First, as long as your kid’s ready to walk, there are things for him to do at LEGOLAND. Also, near rides that were catered to bigger children, there were side activities that smaller children could occupy themselves with while waiting for their older siblings.

I also loved that height markings were very clearly shown at each ride.

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (30)

Did we love LEGOLAND? Absolutely. Will we return? Oh we can’t wait!

L.I.F.E Legoland Malaysia (39)

Disclaimer: We received two-day combo LEGOLAND park tickets and a night’s stay at LEGOLAND Hotel in exchange for our honest review.


About LEGOLAND Malaysia

LEGOLAND Malaysia is the first LEGOLAND in Asia and the LEGOLAND in the world. Get the latest ticket prices here.

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Driving in? Get directions here

Taking a bus? Find out more here.




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