Forest Adventure: Push Yourself to the Limit

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Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park takes adventure to greater heights. Pun intended.

If you’ve ever fancied being Tarzan, this is the place for you to fulfill your dream. There are 36 different obstacles for you to conquer and you’re welcome to do your Tarzan call anytime. Adults above 1.4metres can participate, and pre-booking is required. The Grand Course is divided into 4 sections and while the usual time taken to complete it is bout 2.5 hours on average, you are allowed to go at your own pace.

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There is a compulsory half-hour safety demonstration before each session and after that, you’re free to hit the courses. It’s not guided so you’re completely on your own. There are instructors on the ground making sure nobody’s tangled up in ropes or anything, but that’s it.

It was up there, 5 metres above ground, that I decided to recommend couples intending to marry, to first go through this course together. Because if any couple can go through this together (or assemble a piece of IKEA furniture together) without bickering, that relationship can go through anything.

It may look easy, and I was fooled too, but it’s really quite challenging because the planks aren’t very close together and I’m not very tall, there’s a whole lot of climbing and stretching and jumping and all that. You’ll discover muscles you never knew existed and you’ll be reminded about them for the following couple of days (which will allow you to brag to friends). So yes, it’s a very physical activity, not a walk in the park at all.

And then, after all that, there’s the zip line. By this time, I was pretty much scared out of my wits and wanting to quit. Running away and joining the circus as a trapeze artiste was never one of my dreams. But pride made me stick to it.

Any last instructions? I asked the instructor whose feet were firmly on the ground.

Yup. Remember not to hold on to the rope.

What?! Don’t hold on to anything while I fly at goodness knows how many km per hour across Bedok ReservoiAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

And that was it. Once I was on the zip line with my hands outstretched, half laughing to mask my fear, there was no turning back. Truth be told, I enjoyed it, and looked forward to the remaining 3 opportunities to go on the zip line again.

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Can kids do it too? Sure. There’s a kids course which welcomes children above 1.1 metres in height. Those below 6 are encouraged to have an adult with them. My daughter was 6 when she went for this and can’t wait to go back.

There’ll be instances when you mutter Please don’t let me die and wonder what you actually signed on the indemnity form. But there’ll also be moments when you will tell yourself to simply take a deep breath and to take the leap of faith.

It’s a great activity to boost confidence, and to push yourself to the limit and more. You’ll surprise yourself, I’m sure. I strongly recommend this activity for anyone who’s up for an adventure!

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Forest Adventure is located at Bedok Reservoir. Remember to book your session beforehand because walk-ins are not allowed. Prices can be found here, and I’m not sure if it is a temporary thing but for a while now, rates have been cheaper on Tuesdays ($36 for adults, as compared to the usual $46).

Most of the area is shaded but sunblock is still a good idea.


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