Castle Beach: The Truth Behind the Sandcastle

Every weekend, families flock to East Coast Beach. They sit on the sand, jump over waves, and build sandcastles. Every so often, a child cries as his sandcastle gets knocked over by his sibling, and it gets rebuilt again after some time.

It is on this beach that you will find a man-made castle and it is there that a very special activity takes place every Saturday and Sunday between 3.30pm and 7pm. On that spot, a team of people in striking yellow t-shirts will bring out a whole bunch of special sandcastle building tools (you heard me) and they will share on how to build awesome sandcastles. And they have aptly named this area Castle Beach.

L.I.F.E Castle Beach (1)

L.I.F.E Castle Beach (2)

L.I.F.E Castle Beach (3)

This initiative is run by Uncle Alvin and his team, the folks behind Castles Can Fly. This is a team that takes castle building very seriously. So much so that they conduct workshops on it. Not so much that they want to teach people to build awesome sandcastles, but to teach leadership qualities and team-building skills through a fun process like castle building. How ingenious and fun!

The whole idea is to get teams to roll up their sleeves and work together toward a common goal and to teach them that each team is only as good as the effort it puts in. So if you’re lazy about mixing water with sand before building, then it is likely that your sandcastle will crumble. But if you do it well, you will end up creating a masterpiece that can withstand wind and rain.

It’s a wonderful experience for children too (even if not to attend a workshop, but just to join in the free sessions on the weekends) – they’ll learn patience, perseverance and teamwork, all through play. Hooray!

L.I.F.E Castle Beach (4)

L.I.F.E Castle Beach (7)

We all have our little buckets and shovels and rakes that follow us on every beach excursion. But these sand toys? You ain’t seen nothing like ’em. Stuff to help you create towers, stairs, and even windows and doors. Awesome stuff.

Of course, the sand tools are available for purchase as well, but if you’re around the area, you’re welcome to borrow any of them for use. Just remember to return them.

L.I.F.E Castle Beach (8)

L.I.F.E Castle Beach (5)

About Castle Beach

Castle Beach is situated at East Coast Parkway (East Coast Beach), near Lagoon Food Centre. The nearest car park is E2. The closest MRT station should be Bedok. Take bus 401 from Bedok Interchange.

L.I.F.E Castle Beach (9)



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