Ferme Guyon: Llama Llama sans Pajama

Ferme Guyon Canada (23)

Ferme Guyon

Ferme Guyon was something the whole family enjoyed. Lunch at the cafe Cuisine Mathurine was reasonable good for a cafeteria style setting. But you’re not there for the food. You’re there for the experience – the petting zoo, the plant nursery, and the butterfly pavillion.

The butterfly pavillion was hands down, the kids’ favourite. It was not gigantic and I expected us to zip through it and head straight for the petting zoo. 400 butterflies are supposed to call this pavillion home, including the Monarch butterfly but we didn’t have our hopes up. I was pretty sure we’d see a handful of butterflies and be disappointed.

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But disappointed we were not. The butterflies were flying around freely and they weren’t shy either. They would land on our clothes, on top of our heads and pretty much anywhere. There were little feeding areas with cut fruit and if you liked, you could rub some fruit on your hands to attract the butterflies to land on your hands. My daughter made it her mission to always have a butterfly on each hand the entire time we were there.

There’s also a hatchery at the butterfly pavillion where you can see the entire life cycle of the butterfly in different stages. Really cool.

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I’m not sure what kind of animals you envision when you hear the words “petting zoo”, but I certainly don’t expect to see a llama. And I most certainly don’t expect to see two of them. There are also chickens, bunnies and ponies to pet and feed. Apparently there are emus and sheep too but we didn’t get to see them.

The plant nursery was also pretty, but the kids weren’t interested in it, except for riding on the flat trolleys. There’s also a store selling food products as well as gardening supplies, but prices are similar to supermarket prices.

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In case you were wondering, the toilets were clean and there were hand sanitizers around the petting zoo. To be honest, this wasn’t a really farm-y farm. But still, it was a fun visit and worth a drive if you’re visiting Montreal. It’s big enough to move around freely yet small enough for young children to explore fully. Set aside about 2-3 hours for this, including lunch.

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About Ferme Guyon

Ferme Guyon is located at 1001 Rue Patrick Farrar, Chambly, QC J3L 4N7, Canada. Tel: +1 450-658-1010. It’s open daily 8.30am to 7pm although some websites mention that they are only open in the months of April to December.

Prices: To visit the butterfly area and farm: Adults $9, children $6, under 3s go free. Or if you like, butterfly area only: Adults pay $7, children $3.50; farm only: Adults pay $9, children $4.50.

It’s about a 20-30 minute drive from downtown Montreal. Take Highway 10 East from Montreal towards Sherbrooke, and get off at exit 22.



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