AMPED Trampoline Park: Practice Your Kegals Before!

We thoroughly enjoyed jumping away at AMPED Trampoline Park, my 4 year old and 8 year old, as well as their 30-something year old mother. If you have reservations about going to a trampoline park (essentially, a huge room full of interconnected trampolines), please watch this video. It is so much fun!

Each session lasts and hour and within that time, you can just about bounce around anywhere you wish. There’s an enclosed area with balls, free fall areas where you can jump into pits loaded with foam squares (with trampolines under!), and even have a go at jousting.

It consumes lots of energy (yay, no jogging for me tonight!) and you’ll need plenty of water. The great news is that they give out complimentary water for jumpers. Score!

There’s a big spectator area if you’re not jumping. But why not though, it’s so much fun.

Wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your movements because there’ll be a good deal of jumping and climbing, and perhaps even a little falling. Lots of laughter guaranteed.

Deal sealer: It is fully airconditioned.

Ladies, um, you might want to practice your kegals before. Just sayin’.



I’d love to hear your thoughts about this video, so that I can improve on my future ones. Feel free to leave a comment in this post! Thanks for watching 🙂


About AMPED Trampoline Park


River Valley

46 Kim Yam Road, The Herencia, #02-11, Singapore 239351

Tel: 8228.5961

There are 2 branches in Singapore – River Valley and Jurong. We visited the River Valley outlet.

Price: Prices vary, according to days (Mondays are the cheapest), check updated prices here.

Book your sessions online to guarantee a spot (walk-ins are entertained but there is a capacity limit). Sessions are only for an hour and start every hour, on the hour. Arrive 15 minutes before for your safety briefing. Remember to sign your waiver online before.

Amped grip socks are compulsory for all jumpers. You can buy them on the spot or online



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