Hello and welcome to Life is for Exploring (or L.I.F.E!)!

We’re a family of four who’s passionate about exploring and are constantly on exploration adventures, both with and without passports.

We believe that life is for exploring, and exploring isn’t just about packing suitcases and rushing to boarding gates. We love traveling and learning about other cultures but exploring can take place just about anywhere. There are always lots of interesting things to see and do, sometimes even in our own neighbourhood – we just have to look.L.I.F.E Canada frozen lake

L.I.F.E Canada snow

Traveling with kids can be challenging and but while being able to eat with two hands while enjoying an entire in-flight movie all at one go sounds highly inviting, but we can’t imagine not sharing our adventures and experiences with our little ones. Learning and exploring as a family is priceless and makes all the stress of traveling worth it.

L.I.F.E Bintan (40)

L.I.F.E Gardens by the Bay (10)


Our secret ambition is to one day travel the world! But for now, we have set up camp in Singapore and love exploring this beautiful city. But when opportunities knock for overseas adventures, you bet we’ll make the most of them too.


As children, we were both very fortunate to have parents who appreciated the beauty of travel and brought us on many adventures. As adults, we had opportunities to appreciate solo travel. Now as parents, we want to impart the love of exploring and discovering to our children.

There’s so much exploring to do! Won’t you join us?